Reflection: Lesson Planning Myth Madness: Using Technology to Share Favorite Myths (Day 5) - Section 4: Demonstrate Skills


At the end of our presenting time today, I just had to take a second and reflect on the great work the kids did here with this project!  They really showed their learning through opinion writing and shared that learning with me and others today!  Google Drive has proven to be an easy to use tool for myself and my students throughout the whole school year, and what an excellent way to be able to collaborate together on work they're creating!  The students clearly are VERY proud of all of their hard work as well!  What a great end product they've got here!  I'm so proud of my students!

  Reflection: What a Great End Product!
  Lesson Planning: Reflection: What a Great End Product!
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Myth Madness: Using Technology to Share Favorite Myths (Day 5)

Unit 3: Greek Mythology Unit
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use technology to share their writing with others.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will add finishing touches to their Google Drive presentations and then present their final work to the class.

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