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When I first found out that this year I'd have to present my Grade 3 students with Greek mythology, I was a bit nervous!  While I remembered loving Greek mythology, I also remembered that when I read it, I was a bit older, and that some of the content was not probably the most appropriate for me to be reading while in Grade 3.  However, after spending a bit of time looking into what versions of myths were available to share with my students, I was surprised to find quite a bit.  The most time consuming part, of course, was simply reading through the myths I found and determining which were or were not appropriate to share with my students.  As a tip, I'd say hop online and search what's out there!  There's lots of great stuff already "made appropriate" by other educators out there already!  There's also a lot of great texts available, too!  And, if needed, I sensored what was shared with my students as needed!  Just be choosy and consider the level of appropriateness for your students, and your kids will LOVE Greek mythology as much as mine did!

  Reflection: Greek Mythology in Grade 3-Really?
  Lesson Planning: Reflection: Greek Mythology in Grade 3-Really?
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Myth Madness: Medusa & Athena

Unit 3: Greek Mythology Unit
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT recount myths and determine the central message of the myth.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will read the Greek myth of Medusa & Athena and complete a story map on the myth.

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