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I developed the resource file after working with the students at the story problem center. I am trying to make them more independent about developing word problems, but realized that some students needed a graphic organizer to get them focused. Many are creative minds that don't settle in quickly enough to the heart of the task. One student couldn't put the quilt down to get started and needed the structure that the chart provides. 

Our district is discouraging worksheets and I could have developed something on Google Docs for them to fill out. The resources I have provided could easily be created in Google Docs. But, for the sake of the tactile learner and support of the "tactile" theme in this center, I would choose paper, I think.That same student who couldn't put the quilt down also has trouble using her iPad efficiently for tasks such as these. Paper would be best for her.

They did fine with the paper and pencil in their notebooks as we can see in the videos. But, I realized that I would like an assessment piece to see how the students who struggle with language have been able to grow into developing word problems better. Thus, the chart focuses on a plan, key words and the question, as well as the development of the equation with a variable. It gives that student who is struggling with language a better framework to be successful. Through CCSS word problem standards, I have developed a sense of understanding the process and how word problems need to be supported differently for different students. The samples in the movies were students with strong language skills.

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Centers for Reviewing Metrics!

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to review for an upcoming assessment on metric measurement.

Big Idea: In partners, students review for their tests by completing some engaging center activities related to metric measurement.

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