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When I was checking on the conversion center, I saw conceptual understanding problems with a student's conversions. She wanted to write 64.1 cm to ml as 64 x 10 +1 cm as her equation.While the answer is 641 ml was correct, her understanding of the meaning of .1 in the equation was incorrect. She was treating it as a whole number. I think she picked this up when I explained that the equation should be (64 x10)  + (.1 x 10)=ml. I had taught them that .1 x 10 was the same thing as taking 1/10 + 1/10, etc. ( repeated addition.) They could see that .1 equaled one whole after they had added it 10 times.

She understands order of operations so well that I think she is reverting back to the "how" while forgetting the "why" in what she is doing. She skipped a step conceptually. I took time to correct her and then roved the classroom to look through journals to make sure I didn't lead them in the wrong direction. To my relief, I saw correctly notated equations and found one more student I needed to correct. Ironically, those two had paired when I first taught conversions. I have learned to check on this in my teaching practice in the future so that it doesn't confuse conceptual understanding of multiplying decimals. Whew! Good catch!

  Common mistake in equations in conversions
  Checks for Understanding: Common mistake in equations in conversions
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Centers for Reviewing Metrics!

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to review for an upcoming assessment on metric measurement.

Big Idea: In partners, students review for their tests by completing some engaging center activities related to metric measurement.

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