Reflection: Accountability Editing and Revising One Draft with the Rubric - Section 1: Lesson Opener


Here are the ways I help students keep track of their drafts so that they do have a choice:

  • I check their drafts after they have completed them and put them in the grade book.
  • I write down what each student needs to work on after I read their draft in order to form small groups and keep them accountable for their next draft.
  • They stay in for lunch if they have not completed their drafts on the day we work on them.
  • They keep their drafts in their portfolios (which stay in the room).
  • They do not get to participate in the writing celebration (in which they get a treat) if they do not have all three drafts.
  • When a final draft with all three drafts are not turned in, they receive a call home and stay in for lunch until the entire project is completed.

  Helping students keep track of their drafts
  Accountability: Helping students keep track of their drafts
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Editing and Revising One Draft with the Rubric

Unit 16: Editing, Revising and Finalizing our Fiction Story
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT use a rubric to help them edit and revise their writing in order to help them focus on how they have met the success criteria.

Big Idea: Don't fall off the mountain of success!

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