Reflection: Advanced Students A Plan Set in Motion: Characterization in Othello Act I, sc iii - Section 3: Building Knowledge: Examining Characterization


I was really disappointed in the students presentations on the characters. The information in their journals about their character was pretty weak. They spent most of their time trying to find the information in the text instead of discussing what they had already discovered and collaborating to create a presentation on the character that set up the complexity of the characters.

The dialectical journals are a lot of work.  I realize that it is near the end of the semester and the students are overwhelmed with school, extracurricular performances, and family obligations.  They did not come empty handed to class, but the work was not at the level I expected.  Either I need to give them more time in class to work on characterization or I have to reevaluate my expectations for honors students.  

  Creating Realistic Expectations
  Advanced Students: Creating Realistic Expectations
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A Plan Set in Motion: Characterization in Othello Act I, sc iii

Unit 5: The Divine and Diabolical World of Othello
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT lead discussions on characterization by posing and responding to questions about the characters in ACT 1, sc iii of Othello.

Big Idea: Student investigate the complexities of what characters say and do and what others say about them.

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