Reflection: Lesson Planning A Pocketful of Sunshine - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


It's the last week of school, and I am OUT of ideas.  Like any teacher focused on self-preservation, I immediately hit up my old pal Google.  Thankfully, I find Meghan Mathis and her list of activities on TeacherHub.  Score!  Hey, wait.... she has her students write letters of introduction too!  I love the feeling of validation I get when I realize another teacher out there in the universe is doing the same brilliant lesson I'm doing!

Of course, finding this awesome activity is just the beginning of my work.  Before I teach a lesson, I have to think through the logistics of the thing.  How am I going to get that many cards handed out? Do I even have that many cards left at the end of the year?  Better send out an all-call email to my staff for index cards!  Do I have an image of my seating chart to project? How will I know who wrote which card if I allow them to remain anonymous? (Hence my inspired rubber band and sticky note plan!)

Looking for lessons on the Internet is always a crap shoot (irony).  Sometimes you're going to find ideas you can take and use immediately, and sometimes you're going to find a nugget of brilliance that you can twist and shape until it is your own.  As all of my colleagues say, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  Go out and find the good stuff and make it better!


  Taking an Idea and Making it Yours
  Lesson Planning: Taking an Idea and Making it Yours
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A Pocketful of Sunshine

Unit 19: The Last Week of School
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT participate in a teacher-led discussion by brainstorming strategies for dealing with a discouraging day.

Big Idea: What helps you get through a discouraging day?

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