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I had one of those amazing experiences with a students due to this homework assignment.  The final problem has the students compare a numerical division problem with a polynomial division problem.  I carefully planned this problem so the coefficients and the digits match up.  When we talked about this problem in class, I had a young man ask me how often this will occur.  I told him, and the class, that I didn’t know but I would give extra credit to anyone who does some experimenting to find out.  As a side note, I have found that offering extra credit as an extension activity, when a good opportunity arises, is a great way to get kids to push themselves mathematically.  So often, students will work harder for Extra Credit than they will for regular assignments. 

The young man who originally asked the question got really excited about the idea and started experimenting.  I would say he came to visit me 3 or 4 times after school to talk about it.  This student, by the way, is at best a C student.  He’s the one whose seat is always in the front so I can help him stay on task.  He got as far as finding certain cases that worked while realizing that most cases don’t fit this pattern.  I was so proud of his interest and effort.  

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Polynomial Long Division

Unit 6: Polynomial Functions
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Objective: Students will be able to divide polynomials using long division.

Big Idea: Connect students to the math they did in fifth grade with this lesson on polynomial long division.

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