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QR codes are a great tool in any lesson where students are going to use iPads or iPods. In this lesson, I used a QR generator on the Internet to form the code that students would use. You can create QR codes to link to specific sites, articles, or you can use them to hide answers to questions. I create them in other subject, like math. I write down equations on 3X5 cards and place the QR Code that hides the answer at the bottom. Students grab a card, solve the equation, and use their iPad to scan the QR Code to check their answer. This type of check in and practice can be used in any subject. 

  Lesson Planning: Creating QR Codes
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Famous Father Kino

Unit 20: Reading and Writing with Two Texts
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT read and compare two texts about the same famous Arizona missionary Father Kino gathering facts from both to write an informative response.

Big Idea: Father Kino is a famous Arizona figure who is our representative statue in Washington DC, but who was he? Students will learn about him and write about why they think he is our representative.

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English / Language Arts, Arizona, annotation, history, Ipads, Writing Response, Father Kino
  37 minutes
father kino
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