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Common Core has a strong emphasis on real world application.  When students have a consistent opportunity to work on solving problems with real world application, they are able to see the importance of math to their lives.  I know each of us has heard the question " Why will i need to know this in real life?"  Either we have asked it as students, or have been asked by a student.  Well, that question is taken out of a students vocabulary if given real world problems to solve.  To go deeper with relevance, get to know your students well.  Create word problems for them to solve using the objective being taught that deals with their lives specifically. This will not only give them opportunities of deeper understanding but also give them the motivation to grapple with complexity with problems that have increased rigor. 

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  Real World Applications: Real World Opportunities
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Solving Multi-Step Real World Word Problems Involving Decimals

Unit 8: Expressions and Equations
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Objective: SWBAT solve multi-step real world word problems involving decimals by creating and solving equations.

Big Idea: Students will grapple through rigorous word problems that will allow them to use proportional reasoning to set up and solve equations in order to solve the problems.

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Math, Decimals, Number Sense and Operations, Expressions (Algebra), proportional relationships, proportional reasoning, equation, addition of rational number, multiplication of rational numbers, multi, unpacking the problem
  45 minutes
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