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In order for students to grapple with complexity, they must have a strong foundation with content area vocabulary.  This is the essence of true understanding.  Without a strong vocabulary foundation, nothing will be accomplished with solving problems. I will always say, it is easy to teach computation.  Going beyond computation and into application is where true understanding lies.  This is where student will draw upon their literacy skills in order to be successful.  Please place a high emphasis on literacy when teaching math.  You will see an enormous growth in understanding. 

  Vocabulary! It is like prego spaghetti's in there!
  Student Ownership: Vocabulary! It is like prego spaghetti's in there!
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Writing Expressions ( A Review for lower level learners)

Unit 8: Expressions and Equations
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Objective: SWBAT write expressions, understand vocabulary needed to write expression, and translate real world problems into expressions.

Big Idea: It is important for students to understand how to write expressions in order to simplify expressions and to translate real world problems into expressions.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), Number Sense and Operations, writing expressions, review lesson, lower level learners
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