Reflection: Joy Post Assessment Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers - Section 2: Post Assessment


What a difference a few lessons can make!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy oh boy the joy of understanding! Students were much more comfortable by the end of the unit with the use of their thinking skills and not the calculator.  I still have several students who are not comfortable without that go to device.  This is something we will practice consistently throughout the year.  My students are going to work on building strategies that will build their confidence with fluency.  It is imperative that students are given the opportunity to practice their fluency skills at least once a week if not several times a week.  

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  Joy: It's a Whole New World!
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Post Assessment Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

Unit 6: Rational Numbers
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT showcase their mastery involving multiplying and dividing rational numbers.

Big Idea: Let's show off our skills! Students will take a post assessment to assess the understanding gained from the lessons taught between the pre and post assessments.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Decimals, rational numbers, decimal grid, multiplying and dividing rational number post assessment, mixed numbers
  45 minutes
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