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Why does this lesson seem watered down?  I would much rather prefer the term scaffolding.  Students with Disabilities often need accommodations according to their IEP's.  Scaffolding is a very common accommodation.  This is not a strategy intended just for SWD.  It is intended for any learner that may need the objective broken into parts to deepen their understanding for the greater goal.  I to this day scaffold much of what I do in the real world.  This is a strategy that students will need for college as well as in the real world.  This is a huge component of common core.  Knowing your students and their abilities will help determine the level of scaffolding you will need to do.  This also may be tiered according to your student grouping.  A great way to gauge this is to use the data from your pre-assessments. 

  Scaffold! Never take this for granted!
  Students with Disabilities: Scaffold! Never take this for granted!
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The World Of Inverse Operations!

Unit 6: Rational Numbers
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: : SWBAT to define, and use additive and multiplicative inverses.

Big Idea: Ultimately, we want to use our knowledge of inverses to solve expressions, equations, and inequalities. This lesson scaffolds so that students have a strong background in order to meet that goal.

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Math, Decimals, Number Sense and Operations, solving equations, multiplicative inverse, Additive inverse, rational numbers
  56 minutes
multiplicative inverse
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