Reflection: Accountability The End Of Year Book Project in Action Day 2 - Section 2: Workshop Time For Final Project


I am hoping that during this time students are able to work independently. This can be a struggle since it is the end of the year but also when students perceive the class as free time. To combat that it's important to create a culture of learning in the classroom from day one. When students are aware of the climate, their engagement will increase. I want students to be productive, and I want them to see the importance of being productive so we are constantly discussing due dates and time-frames as a way for them to see why they need to work.

During this lesson a teacher needs to look for the moments where they can embrace the chaos, but also when they need to step it in manage the class. Depending on the culture of a classroom, students may need to work silently and independently so they can stay focused. Other classrooms benefit from a little bit of a more relaxed environment as students are able to share ideas and help each other further their thinking. Personally, I prefer a combination of the two. I think it's great when students can chat and help each other out but I also want students to be aware of the expectations for being productive.

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  Accountability: Student Independence
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The End Of Year Book Project in Action Day 2

Unit 11: Independent Reading II
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT continue working on their final book projects, which assess their ability to connect and analyze different books based on the same topic.

Big Idea: Work! Work! Work! Remember, the due date is just around the corner.

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English / Language Arts, writing about books, workshop time, book project
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