Reflection: High Expectations Transformations of Rational Functions - Section 1: Warm up and Homework Review


One important measure we math teachers need to take, particularly in this transition to the Common Core, is to ensure that our students are writing about mathematics.  This will be a requirement on both the SBAC and the PARCC standardized tests, and if your students are like mine, they need plenty of opportunities to practice this skill.  One of my biggest struggles has been to get students to write in complete sentences.  For example, Warm Up 2 is a correct response to today’s warm up.  This student knew what she was doing but just listed the transformations rather than writing them down properly.  Warm Up 1 did a much better job thoroughly explaining her work.  While complete sentences are part of my rubric, I think some of my students have gotten a bit lazy.  I think tomorrow I will review the rubric with them.  

  High Expectations: The Importance of Complete Sentences
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Transformations of Rational Functions

Unit 7: Rational Functions
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to graph rational functions using transformations.

Big Idea: Our study of transformations on functions is continued in this rational function lesson

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Math, Algebra, Algebra 2, Transformations of Functions, master teacher project, rational function
  50 minutes
image transformations of rational functions
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