Reflection: Rules and Consequences Proportional Candy Gate Day 2 - Section 2: Bell Ringer


So, the majority of my students did not have their homework.  I found myself making numerous phone calls home.  This took the bell ringer time and into the student activity time.  It is a frustrating experience.  I will have those students who did not complete their homework stay for a Wednesday School.  This is extended time on Wednesday for students to catch up on missing work after school hours.  I find for my students it is almost best not to assign homework, but their is a fine line with holding them accountable as well as getting them prepared for the real world and meeting deadlines.  I am going to regroup and think of a plan. 

  Homework poses a problem!
  Rules and Consequences: Homework poses a problem!
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Proportional Candy Gate Day 2

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship through graphing on a coordinate plane and observing whether the graph is a straight line through the origin.

Big Idea: It’s a great time to make connections! Students will have a light bulb moment when they are able to use the task from day 1 to master a new objective.

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Math, linear models, Number Sense and Operations, Graphing, coordinate plane, proportional relationships, whole group discussion
  51 minutes
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