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After our thorough study of Island of the Blue Dolphins, the kids know the settings and characters well.  They cheer when I announce the day we'll see the DVD, although I tell them right from the start they'll be "watching and working," as opposed to sitting back with popcorn and a soda. :-)  They can't wait to watch these characters come to life, and welcome the chance to give feedback on the differences on the movie and book.

*A personal the end of this school year our district sent out new "Protected Book Lists," and Island of the Blue Dolphins moved to 6th grade.  It's happened with literature books before, but this time is somehow harder.  After teaching this novel for fourteen years....what a void to fill....with what?  I don't know, yet.

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The Literary Elements Come to Life

Unit 3: Literary Elements from the Island
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Objective: TSWBAT draw comparisons and contrasting information between the novel and the movie of Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Big Idea: Student experts spot the Elements of Literature on the big screen!

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English / Language Arts, theme (Writing), imagery, mood, literary device
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