Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Bring in the Sub!: Solving Systems of Equations in 2 Variables - Section 1: Entry Ticket


For today's Entry Ticket students are asked to create and graph equations for two linear relationships. 

This entry ticket is an example of how I use the beginning of class to activate prior knowledge and lead into the novel concepts to be covered for the day. 

This particular entry ticket assesses student understanding of the previously taught skills of creating and graphing linear functions. I want students to be more and more automatic in these skills as the year progresses. In addition, the entry ticket uses a system to practice these skills, and works as a good hook/preview of what we are to cover in class today.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Activating Prior Knowledge with Entry Tickets
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Bring in the Sub!: Solving Systems of Equations in 2 Variables

Unit 4: Making Informed Decisions with Systems of Equations
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT define variables and create equations to understand systems of equations. SWBAT apply the substitution method to solve systems of equations. SWBAT connect to, build on, and challenge a partner's ideas.

Big Idea: Students complete group work on engaging real-world problems and provide constructive feedback to their peers through a gallery walk!

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