Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Teacher Toolbox for Building Initial Language Skills - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


It is really important that we provide our students with a solid foundation for reading!  As kindergarten teachers, we must employ many strategies to help our students establish routines for reading and writing through regular practice. 
With this method of using paper manipulatives, students are given a reliable, simple but strong background of phonemic awareness to draw from!  It is important that we scaffold for students and give them a staircase of complexity as we move through these routine practices- we want students to be able to have foundational practice WHILE we challenge them to grow their skills!
As we scaffold and move through the steps in this lesson, we are providing students with an opportunity to develop a real conceptual understanding of what it means to really HEAR a word and all of its parts.  After all, when students can truly hear something, they can then move on to seeing and writing it as well!

  Why explicitly practice phonemic awareness so often?
  Staircase of Complexity: Why explicitly practice phonemic awareness so often?
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Teacher Toolbox for Building Initial Language Skills

Unit 8: Phonemic Awareness; the KEY to the door of reading!
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Objective: SWBAT experience routines for sentence segmentation, syllable segmentation, onset-rime segmentation and phoneme segmentation with this overall unit!

Big Idea: You can use this overview of how to set up solid phonemic awareness instruction in whole and small groups... Once you know where your students are, you can meet them there and begin building a solid foundation!

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