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I originally taught this unit in late October--a fun mini unit to address revision skills. Halloween/Dios Del Los Muertos  is an important holiday in Tucson.  I wanted to embrace the excitement surrounding the holiday to engage my students in an area where they needed to strengthen their skills.

 My students really worked hard on their stories.  They were wonderful and showed a great deal of creativity.  Most students drew on stories from their childhood.  However, some students looked to contemporary urban legends and myths that have sprung up on the internet. 

The willing story was a version of The Slenderman mythology that got it start on the internet.  When my student wrote this story and shared it with the class, none of the tragic events of June 2014 surrounding the Slenderman myth had occurred. 

Please take this story in the spirit it was written. The student's intention was to fulfil the requirements of the assignment based on his interests, not to evoke a tragic situation. His story is The Birth of the Slenderman.

  Qualitative Evaluations: Winning Story
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Revising Repurposed Stories for 21st Century Audience

Unit 4: There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing for a specific purpose and audience by completing self and peer revision of their repurposed stories.

Big Idea: Bring on the audience! Students strengthen writing through self reflection and peer feedback.

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