Reflection: Flexibility Close Read: Casey at the Bat - Craft and Structure - Section 5: Small Group Project


I had taught the kids about similes and metaphors in a previous poetry unit, so I thought that the students would be more prepared for the exercise I had planned for them today.  As I was introducing the activity, I could tell that the students were not sure about doing it on their own.  I pulled them to the carpet and projected the story on the smart-board using the kindle app we were able to also install on our computers.  Together we worked through the poem identifying the similes and metaphors.  Because we were working together as a class, I was able to touch on personification and idioms as well.  It became a great teaching moment.

  Similes and Metaphors
  Flexibility: Similes and Metaphors
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Close Read: Casey at the Bat - Craft and Structure

Unit 10: Close Read - Casey at the Bat
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the author's purpose for creating this poem as well as identify the similes and metaphors within the text.

Big Idea: This is the second lesson in our close read on "Casey at the Bat." We will focus on craft and structure today as we take a closer look at the text.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), close read, Casey at the Bat, Ernest L. Thayer, simile, Craft and Structure, methophor
  55 minutes
casey at the bat
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