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Several times throughout this course, I have students create graphic organizers with definitions and other information. As students create their organizer, they take ownership of their work. I do not give the students a vocabulary sheet. The students create their own. This helps them to better understand the terms and apply it where needed. The act of opening and closing the graphic organizer also helps students retain information.

  Reflection on Graphic Organizers
  Student Ownership: Reflection on Graphic Organizers
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Sorting Quadrilaterals

Unit 9: Proofs about Parallelograms
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT classify quadrilaterals.

Big Idea: Students sort quadrilateral cards into piles based on the common properties in order to identify the specific type of quadrilateral.

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Math, Geometry, Proofs, logic, quadrilaterals, reasoning and proof, properties of polgygons
  45 minutes
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