Reflection: Making Connections Between Art Project and Dilations Day 1 of 3 - Section 1: Introducing the Lesson


I had some very intuitive responses to the brain storming discussion.  One student compared the x-axis of the coordinate plane to the horizon line in perspective art and the center of dilation was like the vanishing point in perspective art.  After this was put on the board, another student mentioned that as the shapes approached the center point they would shrink while moving farther away from the center would enlarge just like in perspective art in relation to the vanishing point.  All of these observations were bang on!!! I was so thrilled they were already making such clear connections and had not even begun the activity yet.  We used these conjectures to begin each day of the activity and remind ourselves what we thought might be true so we could decide if each was actually true in the coordinate plane.

  Delivery - Student Led Inquiry
  Delivery - Student Led Inquiry
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Making Connections Between Art Project and Dilations Day 1 of 3

Unit 7: Linear Equations in two Variables
Lesson 11 of 23

Objective: SWBAT make clear connections between the perspective art project and dilations on the coordinate plane from a center point of dilation.

Big Idea: This lesson will really help your students connect the dots between the perspective art project and the math of performing dilations on the coordinate plane using similar triangles.

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