Reflection: Conferencing Hands-on Exploring the Movement of Reflections in the Plane - Section 2: Beginning the Activity


I was amazed at how many students chose to use a ruler and protractor instead of tracing paper.  My students used a variety of techniques to achieve the reflection.  Most used a ruler and measured the distance of each vertex to the line and at their best 90 degree angle measured the same distance on the other side.  These students contributed great ideas to our group discussion as we brainstormed important properties onto their unit organizer for reflections.  One student had a very unconventional method that really worked out well and many students adopted it after he presented.  By the way, he was a struggling learner until this year when he has really shone with conceptual understanding.  He put pencil lead on the original image by tracing it with his pencil.  Then he folded the paper along the line of reflection and rubbed off a graphite transfer of the image on the opposite side.  After he demonstrated his method we had a great discussion about folding paper to find the line of reflect between two images and what the image and pre-image should look like when folded.  Really neat how they all approached the task.

  Formative Assessment - Conferencing
  Conferencing: Formative Assessment - Conferencing
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Hands-on Exploring the Movement of Reflections in the Plane

Unit 6: Transformations
Lesson 4 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to understand the movement of a reflection and the properties of a reflected image on a conceptual level.

Big Idea: Students learn about the movement of a reflection through using tracing paper.

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Math, reflection (Geometry), Geometry, Transformations (Geom), Manipulative Skills, tracing paper, hands, manipulatives, 8th grade
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