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Overall, I was pleased with my student’s performance on this test.  There were some that did not demonstrate enough mastery of certain skills but the majority did very well on the modeling and contextual problems.  The one exception was the inverse problem.  They really struggled with this one.  Some chose not to explain the meaning of the inverse to the scenario like 1.  Others, like 2, attempted to explain but obviously didn’t understand.  I did receive several acceptable explanations, with or without accurately finding the inverse,  like 3 and 4.  I am not surprised by this however.  Inverses are a big conceptual sticking point for many students.  Going forward, I plan on repeatedly bringing them back up, both algebraically and conceptually for the rest of the year.  Next year, I may give the inverse lesson two days just to ensure that all students are on board.  

  Unit Exams: Inverse Functions... Very Tricky
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Functions Test

Unit 2: Modeling with Functions
Lesson 24 of 24

Objective: Students will be able to show what they know about functions.

Big Idea: Test student on their knowledge of modeling expressions and equations.

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