Reflection: Shared Expectations Introduction to Transformations using Play-dough - Section 2: Collaborative Hands- on Activity


This one lesson has been the most beneficial lesson I ever created for correcting a very common misconception - corresponding parts.  In years past, my high school geometry students really struggled to understand corresponding parts and this one concept runs throughout so many skills in geometry such as:  congruent figures (corresponding parts are congruent), similar figures (corresponding sides are proportional and corresponding angels are congruent), transformations (labeling of corresponding parts), and parallel lines cut by a transversal (corresponding angles).  This one lesson has greatly improved my students' conceptual understanding of what it means in geometry to correspond.  However, as awesome as this lesson is, if it is your student's first experience with hands-on materials in your room it might not be a productive experience.  The classroom management aspect of this lesson is hectic.  I set very clear expectations at the start of the year and then remind students of these before each hands-on lesson.  The play dough is of course an attractive means of modeling very inappropriate images so be explicit about this in your instructions.  Allowing time at the start of the lesson to play with the dough will help reduce the number of incidents during the actual lesson time.

  Classroom Management - Shared Expectations
  Shared Expectations: Classroom Management - Shared Expectations
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Introduction to Transformations using Play-dough

Unit 6: Transformations
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Objective: Students will be able to understand the definition of congruence and corresponding parts as they relate to transformations.

Big Idea: Engaging students to concretely understand the definition of congruence and identify corresponding parts.

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Math, translation (Geom Transformations), Geometry, Transformations (Geom), congruent, corresponding parts, Playdough, Timer
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