Reflection: Intervention and Extension Plotting Our Fantasy Fiction Stories - Section 3: Independent Practice


I had a group of about 5 students who were really having trouble coming up with a plot (they had been absent for previous lessons, do not like fantasy or are getting summeritis). Here are the ways I got them to work today:

  • had them continue or start their hero/villain brainstorming (two lessons back)
  • had them continue or start their quest brainstorming (two lessons back) 
  • had them draw their character(s)
  • had them brainstorm with a partner
  • had them revise their previous writing for paragraphing or sentence structure (their idea!)
  • use "Opening lines from fantasy novels.docx" to inspire them

  Intervention and Extension: Other pieces of advice I gave students today
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Plotting Our Fantasy Fiction Stories

Unit 15: Fiction Unit
Lesson 14 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to plot their fantasy story by using past brainstorming, an example text and a theme in order to craft a logical story.

Big Idea: Plot your heroic takeover!

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