Reflection: Perseverance Road Trip - Section 2: Put It Into Action


I thought my maze analogy (explained in my video) would help most struggling students but I found that some needed more structure to be successful.  Even with leading questions and analogies some of my students just weren't ready to launch into a project like this without more specific guidance on what to do first and how to organize the information they collected.  I worked with those teams individually, trying to balance between what they needed to progress and what they wanted to be comfortable...a fine line to walk!  One student got sidetracked when he learned that it cost over $100 more to fly out locally than to drive 120 miles to fly out of a larger city.  He was angry at the difference, since the distance to Boston was the same either way.  I asked him about shipping cattle and/or grain because it's something he's familiar with and that gave him a base for understanding (if not agreeing with) the airline pricing so he could move forward.

  Perseverance: Perseverance
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Road Trip

Unit 7: Building Functions
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT combine standard function types using arithmetic operations.

Big Idea: Combine functions to help determine which mode of travel is cheapest.

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Math, Function Operations and Inverses, Algebra II, function, master teacher project, 11th Grade
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road trip
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