Reflection: Perseverance Solving Non-linear Systems of Equations - Section 4: Exit Ticket: Take Off! Solving Systems of Non-Linear Equations


For this Exit Ticket I ask students to solve a real life scenario by Graphing the Non-Linear System and Interpreting the System through a Written Explanation

I like this problem because it provides a nice balance of support and challenge. I map out different steps students can take to compare and contrast the two functions (complete a table of values, graph the functions, etc.). The writing prompts on the second page of the assignment are designed to push student thinking both in terms of 1. how the two functions are related and 2. critiquing the fit of both functions in relation to actual flight paths. 

The reason I put one of the functions in as a quadratic is to expose students to different types of functions, and also to be able to provide a number of different scenarios of solving systems, so that students continue to grow in their understanding as a solution to a system of any type(s) of functions as being a common point the functions share graphically.

  Perseverance: A System with a Quadratic Function? Why in Algebra I?
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Solving Non-linear Systems of Equations

Unit 4: Making Informed Decisions with Systems of Equations
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT solve systems of equations involving a linear function and a quadratic function both algebraically and graphically. SWBAT understand the process of factoring polynomials as a tool to solve non-linear systems

Big Idea: Students create and interpret non-linear systems of equations and use technology to find and understand the solution(s)!

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