Reflection: Pacing Colonial Market: Final Preparations - Section 3: Guided Practice


This takes a little longer.  Scholars needed about 90 minutes to fully prepare and finish their booth labels, price tags and product labels.  Depending on how long your classes are, you may want to stretch this lesson over the course of two days.  If you do, feel free to have students reflect at the end of each class period and set new goals so that they can be sure to continue their productivity. Use the project goal lists document to help aid in reflection.  

  Pacing: Takes a bit longer
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Colonial Market: Final Preparations

Unit 13: Voices of the Revolution - Part III
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT synthesize all that they've learned to make it easier for a customer to gain the information needed to make a purchase in our colonial market.

Big Idea: How can we make our products appeal to our customers?

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