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The reasons I selected today came not from me, but from the class. Earlier in our research, we discussed and listed the various poor decisions that contributed to the Titanic tragedy. Of all those listed, the four I used today were the most popular among the group. While I could have incorporated any of the decisions, I intentionally chose the four that were the most popular in order to elicit the strongest opinions. Students also had plenty of evidence to support an argument for any of the four, which meant that they could be successful writing an opinion piece that followed our format. 

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The Titanic: Opinion Practice Three

Unit 9: The Titanic
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Objective: SWBAT use what they've learned in their Titanic research to write a short opinion piece.

Big Idea: Today's prompt asks students to determine which of four poor decisions was most to blame for the high number of deaths in the tragedy. Students must select a reason and support it with reasons and evidence from their research.

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