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My students found adding of integers using a number line was fairly easy.  They drew on their prior knowledge in adding integers using the walk it out strategy, but quickly found that there was a shift that was needed.  

It is important for students to realize the one shift in using the walk it out strategy when subtracting is to turn around once the first move is made.  I tell my students to start at zero and make their first move.  Once the first move is made, the subtraction sign is the indicator to turn around.  They will complete their final move once they have turned around.  For students who did not turn around, they found that the answer was incorrect.  

Students equate turning around with the fact that when you are not using this strategy, you will turn the subtraction sign to an addition sign and the addend to it's opposite.  

  What did students struggle with? Common Mistakes.
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: What did students struggle with? Common Mistakes.
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Subtracting Integers by "Walking It Out!'

Unit 2: Integers
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT modeling subtraction of Integers on a horizontal number line.

Big Idea: Students will use a kinesthetic approach to learning how to model subtraction of integers using a horizontal number line.

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