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As is usually the case, one of my classes was well prepared for today’s assignment while the other still needed support. In this second class, they did really well with deciding the type of passenger they would like to be and even providing their first reasons, but then struggled to provide support for their reasons. Many were stuck on finding a fact from their research to support their claims and they simply didn’t have one. I reminded them that sometimes we don’t have a hard fact to support our reasons. Instead, they'll need to explain their reasons using their own words. Of course, it should be based on their research and not be a random thought, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a quote or hard fact copied straight from a text.

For example, one student wanted to be a first class passenger. Her first reason was because there were more first class survivors than any other type of passenger. Great reason! However, she was stuck because she didn’t have the actual numbers to substantiate her claim. Not a problem! This is the perfect example of when an explanation will work rather than a piece of evidence. We worked as a table to give a great explanation of her reason and she was able to complete the rest of the page without assistance.

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The Titanic: Opinion Practice Two

Unit 9: The Titanic
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Objective: SWBAT use what they've learned in their Titanic research to write a short opinion piece.

Big Idea: Today's prompt is, "If you could be a passenger on the Titanic, which would you be: first class, second class, third class, or a member of the crew?". Students must pick a side and support it with reasons and evidence from their research.

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