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When I plan guided instruction, I am not only planning the guidance of the activity, but also the guidance of learning. I pace the lesson so that the kids don't get board and cause behavior problems, but also so that they get the maximum benefit of the learning experience. To plan guided instruction, I consider how many times the kids have seen the information before, how well they've worked with it and how familiar they are with the format that is being presented in this lesson.

For this lesson, the information is familiar, but the format is new so I spend a few minutes accessing prior knowledge and the rest getting them familiar and comfortable with the new format. It's pretty easy so they catch on quickly and are independently working in no time.

  What are you guiding?
  Staircase of Complexity: What are you guiding?
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Read 'em, Write 'em: 11-19

Unit 4: Learning Numbers 11-19
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify quantities of 11-19 set in ten-frames by counting and tracing the quantity.

Big Idea: The concept of place value is a challenge for most young children. The use of ten-frames and "reading" quantities can enhance learning experiences so that the kids gain a strong understanding, allowing them to learn larger place value in first grade.

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