Reflection: Student Ownership A Review of Skills and Knowledge: Preparing for the Final Exam - Section 3: Brainstorm and Posters: What are you an expert on?


Today's review allowed students to check students' memory of what we read, interact with each other outside of the literature circle groups in which they have spent the past month working together, and provide me a chance to circulate the room and "take their pulse," of what they know today, and how far they can get ahead, as I've been out of the building for a week. 

As I circulated the classroom, there were naturally students who didn't know where to begin. This was the primary motivation in going through and listing the material we studied over the course of the semester. For students who were truly stuck, I encouraged them to look up ideas in the book as a reminder (or use the online textbook) in order to jog their memory. As I circulated the room, I discussed one-on-one with some of the students, asking them and encouraging them to recall what they remembered and what they knew; in many cases, the students ended up using this not only to identify that which they were experts in, but also that which they had questions about.

  Student Ownership: Preparing for Finals: Getting Students To Think About the Exam
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A Review of Skills and Knowledge: Preparing for the Final Exam

Unit 19: Literary and Skills: Final Exam Reviews
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Objective: SWBAT cite evidence drawn from literary and non-fiction texts, writing skills, and speaking skills to demonstrate "mastery" of material from the semester by creating a poster on something from the year that they are an expert on.

Big Idea: What are you an expert on?

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