Reflection: Pacing Dog Gone Good 11 & 12 (Part 1) - Section 5: Closure


Big things happen while teaching, so don't sweat the small stuff!! If you plan a great lesson and it turns out that you run out of time, don't worry about it! That kind of thing happens often in the beginning years of teaching. Pacing is a practiced skill and sometimes time just gets away.

When this happens, do two things:

1) Reflect on the time spent and ask yourself some reflective questions:

Did I stay on topic? Were the kids engaged in the way the lesson intended?

If you answer yes to both of these, then chances are you either had a late start on the lesson (as in this case), or your kids encountered an unforeseen challenge that you had to work through. Either of those scenarios is OKAY. They happen and all you need to do is regroup the lesson for the next day, teach it over again with more independent time (they have experienced it once already) and take it to completion.

2) Adjust and plan to spend one more day on the topic IF you feel it is necessary (in this case it was as I had a few still struggling with the concept of a ten plus extra ones)


  It's okay to run out of time!
  Pacing: It's okay to run out of time!
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Dog Gone Good 11 & 12 (Part 1)

Unit 4: Learning Numbers 11-19
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create, say and record quantities and numbers of 11 and 12 by filling in 10-frame dogs with two-color counters and crayons.

Big Idea: You're a dog trainer today!! It's time to train Spot how to spot and name the quantities of 11 and 12 in some dog gone good 10-frame template! Time to get the dog biscuits ready!

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, 10 Frames, Tens and Ones, Critical Area, subitize
  55 minutes
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