Reflection: Self-Talk Plot Lines- Putting it All in Order - Section 3: Evaluation


This strategy is an excellent way to evaluate student comprehension as well as their ability to correctly create a summary (teacher letter) from a plot line.  Each student works independently, and at their own skill level.  It's one of the ways to enrich the unit based on students ability levels.  Although I like them to engage in group activities, it's important to balance that with individual activity.  The letter they write to me is kind of like a conversation.  Although they're writing the information from their plot line, not freely composing an open letter, it's still a fun way to indicate the learning that's taken place. 

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Plot Lines- Putting it All in Order

Unit 3: Literary Elements from the Island
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: TSWBAT create a plot line detailing the elements from exposition to resolution in order to summarize the text.

Big Idea: A plot line just helped a kid write a summary....personification at its finest!

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English / Language Arts, theme (Writing), imagery, mood, literary device
  45 minutes
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