Reflection: Gradual Release Cause and Effect with "Jimmy's Boa" Day One - Section 3: Independent Practice


One of the big shifts with Common Core is to have students answer text dependent questions.  I've purposely put these kinds of questions into many of the student work packets in my lessons so students will have to dive back into the text and look for evidence.  My students have been doing a great job lately showing that they've gone back into the text.  Many times I see my students answering questions by writing, "The author said.....,  or The story said,...... This shows me that they've internalized the fact that they know they need to use evidence in their answer because they are doing this without my prompting. I started modeling this with students at the beginning of the year and at times its felt like students would never be able to answer questions using evidence on their own.  But the more I stepped back and made my students do this independently, they rose to the occasion each time.   It makes me smile to see how much my students have progressed in this area this year.  It makes me smile even more knowing they have this in place before they go to 2nd grade.

  The Importance of Asking Text Dependent Questions
  Gradual Release: The Importance of Asking Text Dependent Questions
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Cause and Effect with "Jimmy's Boa" Day One

Unit 7: Cause and Effect With "The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash"
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Objective: SWBAT state the cause and effect relationships for the first portion of the story as well as answer questions using text evidence.

Big Idea: Today we are going to be determining how the characters interactions in this story cause the events in the story to happen.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Fiction (Reading), Reading Comprehension, cause and effect
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