Reflection: Real World Applications Conjunctions: Revising With Conjunctions - Day 4 - Section 3: Assessment


This provided a real-world application to what they have been learning during previous lessons. They demonstrated their understanding of the meaning of conjunctions and how they can used them to combine sentences with related ideas.

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  Real World Applications: Meaningful Application
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Conjunctions: Revising With Conjunctions - Day 4

Unit 11: Language
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT revise their opinion piece with a focus on sentence fluency by using compound and complex sentences.

Big Idea: Students have been writing an opinion piece. We were in the revision stage of the writing process, so students applied what they had learned in previous lessons about conjunctions by revising their writing for sentence fluency.

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English / Language Arts, complex sentence, sentence fluency, compound sentence, opinion writing
  45 minutes
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