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I have to say, my classes really enjoyed debating over the largest angle that could be made with the hands of a clock.  Some, like Warm Up 2 and Warm Up 3, said that 6:00 or 9:15 where the biggest since they made 180o.  This is obviously a limited viewpoint of angles that will be expanded in this unit.  Others said 12:00, which would be 360o.  My favorite, Warm Up 1, was 354o at 11:59 as this student figured out the number of degree for one minute and took it away from 360.  In a case like this, I don’t give my opinion during the discussion.  I just make sure that the students are taking turns and not monopolizing the conversation.  It always feels so great when classes get animated while discussing something mathematical.

  Student Ownership: Getting Excited About Sharing
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Angle and Degree Measure

Unit 9: Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 1 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to find angles on a coordinate plane.

Big Idea: Students will turn a locker combination into a secret math code (angles).

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Math, Degree Measures, Algebra 2, coterminal angles, 11th Grade, master teacher project
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