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The Post-It Parking Lot works best with Super Sticky Post-Its by the Post-It brand. When students use the super sticky notes, they are much more likely to stay in place. I usually keep the majority of sticky notes up on the Post-It Parking Lot for the remainder of the week so it works best if they stay up until we want to take them down. Otherwise, there could be a flutter of sticky notes on the floor in the room.  I like to ask for Super Sticky Post-Its on my class supply list so each student has their own supply but I also have it on my website wish list so parents can donate them to our class throughout the year. I also purchase them myself whenever I see them on sale so I will have a supply on hand for students that run out. Because we use these so often, they are well worth the money spent!

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  Organizational Systems: Super Sticky Post-Its
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Author's Purpose: Trying PIE on their own...mmmmmm

Unit 3: Author's Purpose Unit
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT practice whether the Author's Purpose is to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader with their own text independently.

Big Idea: Independent practice with the concept of Author's Purpose

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