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Sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. This lesson was too rushed. I should not have taught annotating and Text X-Raying in the same period. What a mistake. I rushed the lesson and the students felt rushed. Several boys were anxious to leave for their football game. A couple of girls needed tomorrow's work because they'll be gone w/ FFA. 

This pressure to get through everything is nothing new. It's a byproduct of working in a trimester structure and of having to deal w/ attendance issues. Many of the students I'm teaching this trimester had several long-term subs in their English classes last year. This worries me about their progress, but it's important that I, as well as all teachers, accept students where they are at the beginning of the class and work diligently to move them toward improving their reading and writing skills. That's really all any of us can do. When we do that, kids forgive our imperfections, accept our experimenting on them, and find their writing voices and inner reader.

So despite my shortcomings, we had a joyful experience together today. I wish for all teachers to find joy in their work and love for their students. This is so important, as we are dealing w/ fragile young people w/ many challenges we don't always know or understand. 

  Stuffed: The Dangers of Overplanning
  Lesson Planning: Stuffed: The Dangers of Overplanning
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Reading Informational Texts Using Annotating and Text X-Raying

Unit 3: Because He Hears a Different Drummer:Various Approaches for Comparing Genres and Analyzing Texts
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Objective: SWBAT: Annotate and X-Ray "What Sesame Street' Teaches" in order to identify the thesis and its supporting rhetoric techniques.

Big Idea: Annotating and X-Raying texts are two strategies that will assist students in understanding challenging informational texts.

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English / Language Arts, Neil Postman, Annotating, close reading
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