Reflection: Relevance Owning the Definition of a Word - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


One of the best projects I did during my pre-service time in college had to do with vocabulary acquisition.  While I don't remember all of the details of my research, the takeaway remains with me: there are different levels of "knowing" a word, and - I think - there is value in spending time getting there.

Learning the definition of a word is just the beginning of acquiring new vocabulary.  The epitome of this learning is when a student feels confident enough about a word to use it in his or her own speech or writing.  

After I teach this lesson, I make a point to use these words in class.  I love to "drop" big words and see the spark of understanding when students remember learning that word.  I have seen some amazing things from this type of word study, one of my favorites being when a student incorporates one of words into a writing assignment.

Spend some time on word study and you'll see improved and creative vocabulary use from your students.  I promise!

  Why so much time for vocabulary?
  Relevance: Why so much time for vocabulary?
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Owning the Definition of a Word

Unit 6: Introduction to Mark Twain
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use relationships between words to better understand them by creating examples, non-examples, and sentences with vocabulary words.

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