Reflection: Ahoy team! What can you see? Finding functions. - Section 3: Closure - Spyglass Problem


I always over plan! And this lesson was no exception. Time is always my biggest battle. My students were engaged and working hard from bell to bell and a majority of the class was just barely graphing by the end of the hour. So I decided to cut problems #5-6. The honors teacher on campus reported that all of her students completed it and the timing was great.

  My number one enemy... time!
  My number one enemy... time!
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Ahoy team! What can you see? Finding functions.

Unit 1: Basic Functions and Equations
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to collect and analyze data using a "spyglass" and then review linear concepts to model this data.

Big Idea: Students improve their teamwork skills by gathering and analyzing data to investigate a linear model.

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