Reflection: Lesson Planning Structuring the Persuasive Essay - Section 4: Introducing the Five-Pyramid Method


After class a student in debate paused and said, "This handout is going to help me so much with my oratory." I explained that the handout originated w/ one designed to teach oratory. A couple of days later I spent about half an hour w/ the student after school talking about oratory (persuasive speaking) and guiding her through her thinking about her oratory topic: Perseverance. We talked about taking a value (perseverance) and making it more concrete. We also talked about the essay pyramid and applying it to both the speech and the essay she's working on for class. 

This is really what's important about teaching English: Helping students see the application of what we do in class to what matters to them in their respective worlds. 

When a student makes the connection, that's a good thing. This would not have happened had I stuck to formulaic modes of writing instruction. 

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Structuring the Persuasive Essay

Unit 5: The Readiness Is All: Engaging Your Students in Persuasive Writing
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT structure their persuasive essay based on the "Guide to the Persuasive Essay" template using the Five-Pyramid Method

Big Idea: A persuasive essay in the tradition of Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle convinces readers using ethos, pathos, and logos.

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