Reflection: Complex Tasks Factoring and Completing the Square to Find Zeros - Section 4: Exit Ticket + Homework


In this Exit Ticket I tried to design a task that lent itself to students interpreting characteristics of quadratic functions to create the functions in different representations. The beginning of the assignment asks students to factor and complete the square for a quadratic function (Student Sample 1).

In the second half of the assignment I want students to use the forms of the quadratic functions to create an equation based on a graph with given roots and a vertex. As a challenge, I ask students to create a second form of the equation to continue to have students develop connections between the different forms of quadratics to graphical representations of the function. Student Sample 2 is a good example of a high quality and completed assignment for this task. 

Designing complex tasks that ask students to show that they can apply the concepts in class AND make important connections between those concepts gives students access and opportunities to engage in the standards for mathematical practice and to continue to work on thinking like a mathematician.

  Complex Tasks: Technology to Access Complex Tasks and Concepts
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Factoring and Completing the Square to Find Zeros

Unit 7: Interpret and Build Quadratic Functions and Equations
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT factor quadratic expressions to reveal zeros of the function and relate this to graphs and tables. SWBAT complete the square and relate the information to graphs and tables for quadratic functions.

Big Idea: Quadratic expressions are reformatted by integrating background knowledge in factoring polynomials and graphing functions!

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