Reflection: Student Ownership From Poetry to Informational Texts, Finding Common Ground - Section 1: Teacher to Teacher: Lesson Context and Time Frame


Overall, I'm satisfied w/ the lesson today. I had too much planned, which is normal for me. I'd rather over-plan than seem as though I have run out of material. Classroom management is much easier when students are busy learning rather than wondering what to do.

I did have to speak to one athlete about his phone and about chatting. Toward the end of the period he asked if football players could leave early for film. I spoke privately to him and explained that leaving a couple of minutes early is a privilege and not a right and since I had to talk to him about paying attention, he had to stay until the bell but that we'd try again tomorrow. He was very gracious about this. 

I do wish I had mixed the numbering of the lines up because one student figured out my system, even though I did not have students read the lines in order. This is a change I'll make, or I'll omit the numbers on the student cards. Still, I think the activity served its purpose, and some students even had an epiphany. 

Finally, it's important to give students an opportunity to practice the learning we expect them to do, especially when we ask them to think in new ways, as is the case with this lesson.

  Managing Expectations
  Student Ownership: Managing Expectations
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From Poetry to Informational Texts, Finding Common Ground

Unit 3: Because He Hears a Different Drummer:Various Approaches for Comparing Genres and Analyzing Texts
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Objective: SWBAT: identify ways writers of poetry and informational texts use common rhetorical techniques, such as figurative language, allusion, imagery.

Big Idea: Students realize the relationship between imaginative literature and informational texts when they see the common elements of the writers' craft.

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