Reflection: Modeling And First We Make a Plan: Working in the Lab and in the Classroom - Section 2: Planning Options


Teachers who have time, should show students how to use each of the tech options in a cursory way. It's easy to think we need to walk students through every part of a site, but kids are savvy people and can use critical thinking to troubleshoot problems. Allowing them to do so is vital to building stamina in study habits. When we make learning safe, we open opportunities for students rather than close doors to learning. 

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And First We Make a Plan: Working in the Lab and in the Classroom

Unit 5: The Readiness Is All: Engaging Your Students in Persuasive Writing
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT design a plan for their banned book infographics.

Big Idea: Having a plan improves student performance.

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English / Language Arts, Flexibility, Prezi, Culture of Learning, Complex Tasks, Infographics
  55 minutes
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