Reflection: Relevance Fighting the External World, Even the Mundane: Analyzing Montag's Character - Section 2: Read: Denham's Dentrifice


When I asked students to name the most annoying jingle they could think of, the cacophony in the classroom was almost more than I could handle. They didn't just name jingles, they sang them.. all at once! I thought I was helping my students understand what Montag was about to experience, but after the television commercial symphony, I understood his frustration better than ever! I too had a bit of a headache and couldn't get the awful jingles for the rest of the afternoon, but it was worth it. My students completely understood what Montag was experiencing and understood the risk he was taking.

  Annoying Jingles
  Relevance: Annoying Jingles
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Fighting the External World, Even the Mundane: Analyzing Montag's Character

Unit 10: Fahrenheit 451: The Sieve and the Sand
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text by working to identify with Montag's frustration and fear in order to see his change.

Big Idea: Multi-tasking. Not as easy as we think it is.

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