Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Brainstorming Fantasy for types and elements of fantasy fiction - Section 3: Independent Practice


Many students were still stuck when I told them they could draw a map of their setting. I had my own drawn, "Map of magical Aki Kurose (where I teach), but some students needed more examples. I pulled up Fantasy World Maps of Hogwarts, Braith and Narnia Map on the projector to give them more ideas.

If I were to teach this again, I would have the maps on a handout or slide show for them. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Giving students more visuals
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Brainstorming Fantasy for types and elements of fantasy fiction

Unit 15: Fiction Unit
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT start brainstorming ideas for fantasy fiction by learning the types and elements of fantasy fiction and thinking through their setting.

Big Idea: Create a world you wish to be in.

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